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.:Happy-Tails:. Tomoe Ichigawa by MissRisabella .:Happy-Tails:. Tomoe Ichigawa by MissRisabella

lordy! i haven't slept alllll night and i am beat, :iconregretnothingplz: but for the sake of my human, i shall make an effort for his info! :) here goes! xP :iconmiguelplz:

Name: Tomoe Ichigawa

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 5'6"

Job: Part time assistant to the librarian

Partner: None at the Moment

Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Personality: tsundere type :iconmingplz: :iconchinasepicfaceplz:

-shy.... so he rather be by himself, tries to stay away from people in general because he's very prone to blushing. and he hates showing his mushy side, especially to strangers.

-awkward... because he's shy it also makes him awkward around others. causing his shyness to become even worse

-stubborn... he's incredibly stubborn and hard headed. he likes to pout and glare when things don't go his way

-cold... he often comes off as cold... because of his sharp looks and stand offish nature... but honestly he's actually really kind hearted. just too stubborn to show it.

-secretive... along with being shy he also is not very keen on divulging his personal information to anyone. at all. its going to take a very special person to be able to get that kinda stuff outta him

-clumsy... to add to his awkwardness he's also clumsy and tends to trip and bump into things.. not good attributes at a library... but he loves to read so theres nothing he can do about it... lol

-quiet... since he doesn't talk to many people, he's very quiet and soft spoken. something girls find endearing about him... makes him mysterious somehow

-blunt... when asked a question, he has no filter... he will outright say what he thinks is a suitable answer to the question (be it inappropriate or not)

-jealous... once in a relationship he is very territorial... and so naturally that makes him tend to get jealous easily. he won't outright say anything to his partner... but he will show his jealousy in other ways (like oh say pouting, and stomping off in a huff... possibly kicking a chair/trash can over)

-hopelessly loyal... again, once in a relationship he is a loyal lover, not one to go astray and cheat. he's very devoted!

-sensitive... he is not only sensitive emotionally... but also physically. he especially doesn't like to be bit or nibbled on, on his ears... (because, as it turns out.... that is indeed his weak spot)


-watching Documentaries
-Lounging in the sun at the Park
-loves sweets (especially chocolate)
-secretly loves anything to do with turtles (hence his turtle necklace)
-loves to be messy
-a good drink every now and again
-dress good


-Women (he absolutely can't stand them... although they can't get enough of him... much to his dismay)
-Heights (hates high places.)
-mornings (not a morning person)
-coffee (too bitter even with sugar)
-donuts (the only sweet he hates)
-obnoxious people
-to clean
-getting interupted while reading
-people making fun of him
-his height (he feels he's too short)
-his EX. (long story)


Tomoe came from an illigitamite birth; his father (whom is already married) is rich and the President of a very proficient law firm, but wanted nothing to do with his mother and him so he never really saw his father much if at all. so Tomoe pretty much grew up with only his mother around. His childhood was probably not the best childhood considering he figured out he was into boys by the age of 5 and that pretty much turned his life upside down. he didn't know how to deal with it. so he kept quiet. and dealt with it by not even talking about it. he was pretty much an outcast all through-out elementary and middle school... but once he was in high school and he grew into his face, thats when the girls started to notice him (much to his dismay) and not only that... but... a certain boy did as well... long story short he met his first love..... aaaaaaaaaaaand got completely crushed when he found out, it was all a big joke the jocks had pulled on him to make fun of him.. then, to make matters worse when he turned 17, his mother died of cancer...devasted... and heartbroken in so many ways...Tomoe pretty much swore off relationships since that moment. hurt and belittled he felt that love was and is just a mere illusion. and that is an emotion he will never truly posses again... which brings us to his attitude being the way it is now. once out of high school.... he decided he didn't want to continue to go to school so he found a job at a library part time, which he was ecstatic for, because he loved to read... it was one of his only escapes as a student all the years he was in school. and there he's remained. where, he's been relatively stable. kind of hoping that one day his life will change... that one day... he'll find... someone... or something... that can fill that void he's been missing... maybe one day...

Extra information:  style is everyday casual, but still stylish
takes a long time for him to admit to any feelings he may have toward another person
as mentioned above, went thru a horrible breakup that scarred him for life
the necklace he wears, was actually his mothers. she gave it to him before she past away. she's the reason he loves turtles. they remind him of her.
he's actually kind of afraid of dogs... but he really wanted to get one simply because he is sick and tired of being afraid of companionship.
he has 3 piercings on his ears. two plugs and one top corner piercing on his right ear.

Happy-Tails - App (c) Tea-why

Art - (c) MissRisabella
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